Shared Services’ Role: Proof of Concept for Blockchain

For many SSOs, blockchain is still considered another “revolutionary” head-turning technology that is relegated as something that’s nice to know but not like to have, considering most are still focused on the last big new thing like RPA. But according to experts, Shared Services professionals will need to adopt a very different attitude to the opportunities that blockchain represents to both the digital back and front offices, and pretty quickly, or risk being left behind. See why by downloading this newly released article or email to request a copy!

2018 Technology Trends for Shared Services

The year 2018 is a year of technological breakthroughs and disasters. Various new and highly promising technologies are currently being tested in organizations. Technological advances such as Quantum computing and blockchains have started to penetrate corporations' business processes and infrastructure. Find out the role blockchain plays by downloading this article or emailing for a digital copy. 

Blockchain in Shared Services: Best suited tasks, vendors and case studies

Find out why and how blockchain is relevant to the shared services industry. Download a copy of this presentation or email to request a copy to your inbox.

Next Gen Supply Chain: Blockchain and Supply Chain Innovation

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, has become well known among some circles because of its relationship to bitcoin. Conceived as a way to record transactions among those involved in a transaction without the use of financial institutions, blockchain’s secure technology has additional applications in the business world. In a recent APQC survey of supply chain professionals, about one-third indicated that blockchain has the potential to create a competitive advantage for their organizations over the next 10 years. About 10% of respondents felt that blockchain would be a potential disruptor for their industry within the same time period. Log in to learn more.......

How Blockchain Technology Could Change Our Lives

An in-depth analysis as to how blockchain can change our lives, create smart contracts, improve supply chains, and rethink decentralized autonomous organization. *No download form required*.

Press Release: Shared Services looks towards Blockchain for growth.

Experts believe that Blockchain will be bigger than Robots for the Shared Services industry! Check out this press release for the latest on our upcoming event. *No download form required*.

Allianz Takes an Ecosystem Approach to Intelligent Automation

The diversity of customers now trialing and adopting Intelligent Automation exposes the complexity and challenges of doing it right—from small pilots and discrete sub-process deployments to, increasingly, major transformation programs claiming RPA at the core. Take a look at this interview with global insurer Allianz to see how they went about implementing RPA.

Are There Use Cases in Shared Services for Blockchain?

Hear from blockchain enthusiast and blogger, Richard Perroset on what blockchain is and how the use cases from shared services can be applied to blockchain to realize maximum benefit for HR, accounting, legal, and finance. Don't get left behind and see how your department can be involved with this revolutionary technology today! You can also request a version to your inbox by emailing